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Quality Surgery in India

We bring you affordable healthcare options in India and help you find easy and cost-effective solutions to all sorts of medical problems at major hospitals of the country.

Quality Care

The growth of medical tourism in India has reinforced the country’s healthcare system, allowing better facilities for foreign nationals who come to seek freedom from their medical woes.

Cost-effective Packages

Surgery in India costs lower than in the west. Services of Indian healthcare facilities are especially beneficial for those who can't afford cutting-edge treatments, quality hospitals and doctors in their country.

Trip Help

To ensure you have a comfortable medical trip to India, we provide a wide range of services - right from visa and passport assistance, flight and hotel bookings, to help with tourism activities.

Explore India

Besides the attractive medical packages, the chance to explore the rich culture, natural beauty, and vivid landscapes of this gorgeous Asian country is an added attraction.

We Offer

An overview of some of the popular medical procedures offered by us in the leading hospitals and surgery centers in India.

Weight Loss Surgery
Plastic Surgery
Cancer Treatment
Stem Cell Therapy
Eye Surgery
Weight Loss Surgery

Those unable to shed weight by conventional methods, and seeking weight loss surgery, may be disappointed by the prices of lap band or gastric bypass in the West. Bariatric Surgery in India can be of help to such individuals who are hindered by doctors’ big bills…

Plastic Surgery

Ease and affordability of medical treatments here, also allows foreign patients to get optional treatments such as tummy  tuck, liposuction and face lift in India.

Cancer Treatment

The cancer-stricken, who cannot afford to bear the high cost of combating this deadly disease, are turning towards oncology in India.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell treatments in India are picking popularity as the country gets more into research, and offers advanced treatments against a variety of ailments.

Eye Surgery

Even small issues like cataract, low vision and other eye problems, may fabricate huge bills from your local doctors. Eye surgery in India is performed by qualified ophthalmologists, and is far more affordable than the West.


Surrogacy in India also remains immensely popular not only because of the low costs and easy availability of surrogates, but also because of the relaxed laws, which make the whole procedure very convenient for the intending parents.

Client Testimonials

Read what patients have to say about having their surgery in the major medical tourism hubs of India.

  • Multiple Sclerosis Testimonial - India

    "I opted to get liberation treatment for multiple sclerosis in India and was amazed by the services offered. The surgeons conducted several tests and always explained everything." - Yara Senno from Canada

  • Testimonial - Hair Transplant India

    "It was quiet easy to do. People are not willing to go a bit further to do what I am doing." UK resident

  • Hip Resurfacing India Testimonial

    The doctor was cool and when I needed to reschedule the surgery, the staff in India was very helpful.