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Weight Loss Surgery in India

Diets and exercising for obesity may work for some people, but for many no amount of dieting or exercise makes a difference.  The only option may be bariatric surgery, the formal name for weight loss surgery. Two reasons why people are seeking bariatric surgery in India are: the country has some of the best bariatric surgeons and hospitals in the world; the cost of weight loss surgery in India is significantly lower than in Western countries. Weight loss surgery and other medical treatments in India cost a fraction of what these procedures cost in the developed countries of the world.

Obesity is a major concern now in the United States.  The medical journal, Annals of Inner Medicine, published by several bariatric physicians and medical academics in the United States, entitled: Meta-Analysis: Surgical Treatment of Obesity, states:

“The prevalence of obesity in the United States is reaching epidemic proportions. An estimated 30% of individuals met the criteria for obesity in 1999–2002, and many industrialized countries have seen similar increases”

When is Weight Loss Surgery Required?

Weighing ScaleWeight loss surgery may be necessary when a person’s weight reaches a state of morbid obesity.  The American Association of Bariatric Surgeons (AABS) defines morbid obesity as “a disease of excess energy stored in the form of fat.  It correlates with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 kg/m2, or being 100 pounds overweight.”

The AABS further states that:

  • Obesity is dangerous to health with associated increase of cardiovascular risk factors such as hypertension.
  • With 10 percent weight loss improvements, statistically significant improvements were observed in both diabetes and hypertension.

Serious consequences of severe obesity include:

  • cardiac dysfunction,
  • pulmonary problems,
  • digestive diseases, and
  • endocrine disorders
  • obstetric, orthopedic, and dermatologic complications.
Also, cancer mortality rates increase by 5.4 times in severely obese females and 1.3 times in severely obese males. With as little as five percent weight loss a person can experience considerable improvements in cardiovascular conditions.   A 10 percent reduction in body weight corresponds to a 20 percent reduction in the risk of developing coronary heart disease.
To see if you would be a good candidate for weight loss surgery, consult your physician first.

Types of Weight Loss Surgery

The stomach remains intact but is made smaller by using these procedures in weight loss surgeries:

  • Stapling  through laparoscopic gastric bypass.
  • Banding off through laparoscopic gastric banding.
  • Creating a sleeve through gastric sleeve surgery.
  • Sometimes a gastric balloon can be placed in the stomach also.
  • Various combinations of the above.

These surgeries are restrictive and malabsorptive in nature as: :

  • The stomach is surgically made smaller.
  • Food is made more difficult to absorb, making the stomach use more calories to digest it.
  • The candidate feels full more quickly.

Risks in Weight Loss Surgery

All surgeries carry risks of complications.  NIPHS post-bariatric surgery procedure is a serious, but rare complication.  This results in a serious drop in blood sugar and medical attention is needed immediately.

Mortality is very rare, with statistics varying between 0.1 and 1.9 percent.  The highest rates of mortality are among people with pre-existing conditions or who are over 70.

Why Weight Loss Surgery in India?

Map of IndiaIndia has a number of competitive advantages:

  • Extremely qualified bariatric surgeons in India.
  • Many of the surgeons are trained in the U.S. and Europe.
  • The quality of healthcare in Indian hospitals is comparable to what one might get in the U.S. and Europe.
  • Weight loss surgery cost in India can be as low as 80 percent less than the cost in Western countries.
  • Travel and aftercare are often included in the costs.
  • Most professionals in the medical tourism industry speak fluent English.
  • No waiting list.

India’s exotic beauty, cosmopolitan cities and attractive culture can provide the necessary distraction and relaxed environment that a person receiving weight loss surgery needs for a strong recovery.


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