Spine Surgery in India – Chandigarh

Posted by: Emily on December 30th, 2012

The video shows a top spine surgeon sharing information on overseas patients getting spine surgery in India. Hundreds of medical tourists visit this surgeon every year for affordable chronic back pain treatment in India. And as they discover, India is not just about low cost, it is also about excellent tourism opportunities.


With the fast growth of the medical tourism industry, India abounds with state-of-the-art hospitals and clinics offering quality medical services at a fraction of the American prices. Besides, India boasts of a large pool of US-returned doctors and surgeons. One can choose from a number of board certified spinal surgeons in India.



Narration – “I have been getting patients outside India from Bangladesh, from Sri Lanka and mostly NRIs, Indians settled abroad, they usually visit me for endoscopic spine surgery and knee arthroscopic procedures.


We do approximately about 50-60 procedures, endoscopic and arthroscopic procedures in a month. And number goes up to approximately 500-600 in a year.”


Such high number of surgeries add to the experience and competence levels of the leading spine surgeons in India. Overseas patients, beset by the exorbitant cost of spine surgery in their home countries, can save a fortune if they choose India as their medical tourism destination. Most of all, they can be sure of quality, as simple math reveals, conducting six hundred surgeries a year decks up into substantial experience. Spine surgery in India could be your easy-on-the-pocket redeemer from debilitating back problems. It is one option to consider if self-financing your treatment in your home country is beyond your economic means.


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Knee Replacement Implants in India – Chandigarh

Posted by: Emily on December 30th, 2012

The video shows a top orthopedic surgeon discussing the quality, specifications and working of knee replacement implants. Getting knee replacement implants in India is a viable option for those beleaguered by ailments of the knee as well as the high cost of the required treatment in their home country. The surgeon is your handyman in case you are looking for low cost and quality knee surgery in India.


India abounds with state-of-the-art hospitals and clinics which offer medical care comparable to that provided in the West for only a fraction of the prices.



Narration – “When we are repairing, arthroscope assisted ligament repair we’re carrying out, we use high quality implants, the implants are made up of bio-absorbable material, and these are known as bio-composites or bio screws. We use these bio screws which gradually over time say after one, one and a half year they get gradually absorbed and at times wherever they’re put, bone is formed at those places and they slowly and gradually disappear from the area they have been implanted.


They’re very high quality implants, some of the implants made of titanium, some of the implants are made of bio composites like, this is a knee joint model, we make tunnels in the bone and we try to hold the ligaments with help of screws.


These screws are made up of titanium or bio-absorbable material meaning thereby when they serve their function over one and half to two years, they gradually dissolve, disappear and there is a bone formation in place of the screws which adds to the stability and there is no need to remove these screws as a part of second surgery.”


Knee replacement in India gives one the opportunity to get quality medical care and save substantially. Given the rise in medical tourism in India and increasing competition between hospitals and clinics, the prices of medical treatment here are a lot lower than in the US, Canada and the UK. The leading surgeons of the country are proficient in speaking English; hence medical tourists can look forward to stress-free knee replacements in India sans the language barriers.


India boasts of a large pool of US-returned doctors and surgeons. The high numbers of overseas patients that Indian hospitals receive every year ensure that the staff members are sensitive to the needs of their international patients.


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ELD Surgery in India

Posted by: Jerome on December 28th, 2012

The video shows a top spine surgeon discussing the nuances of endoscopic lumbar decompression or ELD surgery. Endoscopic  lumbar decompression in India  costs only a fraction of the American prices. The low price for ELD surgery in India is primarily because of the lower cost of living here compared to that in the West. Besides, with the medical tourism industry in India experiencing an upward spiral, the resultant competition between hospitals and clinics keeps a check on the prices of medical procedures. There are a number of well trained and highly experienced spine surgeons in India. Many of them also have international experience to boast of.



Narration – “As far as endoscopic spine decompression is concerned, we usually do in lumbar canal stenosis patients – a disease where patient starts losing control of…slowly and gradually. Here again we try to save the spine, we try to preserve the mobility of the spine, so we don’t do laminectomy here; laminectomy means we destabilize the spine or make the spine unstable.


Here we do an endoscopic canal decompression where we need part of tissue which is pinching over the nerve roots, we remove that and create more space for the nerves and we try to preserve the spine because, we don’t do laminectomy, we don’t do removal of the…and similarly we don’t do removal of the interspinous and superspinous ligaments.”


The cost of spine surgery in India is substantially lower than in the West and the quality of medical care is as good as that provided there. Indian spine surgeons have more surgical man hours to back up their claims of expertise since the country receives a number of offshore tourists seeking respite from debilitating back conditions surgically. Endoscopic lumbar decompression in India is a good way to say goodbye to back problems at a cost that can be easily termed as a pittance when compared to the prices charged in the US, the UK, and Canada.


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