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Lap Appendectomy in India

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If you are getting some appendix flares that indicate appendicitis and want to avoid getting surgical scars that come with traditional appendectomy, look into the option of lap appendectomy in India. Lap-Appendectomy-India With well-established surgical facilities and experienced surgeons, you are likely to get high quality surgery in India.

According to Medscape, laparoscopic appendectomy or lap appendectomy has become increasingly popular since 1987. Given the lower incidence of postoperative pain, better aesthetic outcome, quicker recovery and lessened wound infection, an increasing number of patients are seeking this treatment for their inflamed appendices.


What is Lap Appendectomy?

  • An appendectomy is the surgical removal of the vermiform appendix.
  • When an appendix is removed laparoscopically, the surgeon makes three-four small incisions in the abdomen.
  • A viewing device (laparoscope) is inserted into one of the incisions and the laparoscope is attached outside the body to a video monitor. This allows the surgeon to see inside the abdomen.
  • Surgical instruments are inserted through the other incisions and are used to remove the appendix.
  • Patients who undergo laparoscopic appendectomy recover faster and are in less pain as compared to traditional open surgery. Additionally, they will spend less time in the hospital since the incisions are likely to heal faster. The quicker healing time also allows patients to return to their normal routines within a shorter time period.

Given all these advantages, it is easy to see why patients are seeking lap appendectomy surgery in India.


How Much Does Laparoscopic Appendectomy Cost in India?

You will find plenty of options for low cost appendicitis surgery in India. The reasons for low price appendicitis operation in India are many. From the relatively lower cost of living, well-priced medical facilities and reasonable surgical expenses, patients will be pleasantly surprised with the cost of lap appendectomy in India. Indeed, you could save up to 60 percent in costs as compared to the U.S., Canada, the UK and Australia.


Why Choose Appendix Removal Surgery in India?

An article published in the University of Pennsylvania blog named “India Knowledge@Wharton” on June 02, 2011, India’s share of medical tourism will reach $3 billion by 2013. With India’s growing popularity as a medical tourism destination, patients are reserving medical trips to India for a range of treatments, from coronary angioplasty in New Delhi or liposuction in Bangalore to a tummy tuck in Mumbai

Some of the advantages of getting laparoscopic appendectomy in India are as follows:

  • The low cost of appendix removal surgery in India is not reflected in the quality of surgery and other related services. Patients are likely to be pleased with the good quality of actual procedures.
  • The leading hospitals in India use high tech equipment for surgeries. With global standards of hygiene and operational procedures, hospitals providing laparoscopic appendectomy in India will give you little chances to complain about.
  • You can choose from a compendious list of doctors in India, many of whom have worked in overseas. Because of their extensive training, they will be able to answer all your questions about lap appendectomy in India.
  • Additionally, most Indian surgeons are conversant in English.
  • You will face minimal waiting lists. You will be able to schedule your appendix removal surgery in India with no trouble.
  • India is on the bucket list of most travelers. With its stunning landscapes, cosmopolitan lifestyles and global standards of services, India has much to offer.   Irrespective of which city you choose, you are likely to be satisfied with your decision.


Travel Considerations for Getting Lap Appendectomy in India

  • Invest some time in researching your surgical and tourism options before making your decision to go for an appendectomy procedure in India. Gwalior-India
  • India is speckled with JCI and ISO accredited hospitals. So if you’re getting a lap appendectomy in India, make sure you sign up with a properly accredited medical center.
  • India’s diversity is difficult to quantify. So when you get your appendix removal surgery in India, remember to be respectful of local traditions and cultures.
  • While most Indian cities are largely safe, use common sense as you explore your destination. Do not travel alone at night. Dress conservatively and do not carry large amounts of money.
  • Use legitimate vendors for your medical and travel bookings.
  • Most non-Indians will need a medical visa for any procedures such as lap appendectomy surgery in India. You can get all travel details from the Indian Consulate serving your region.
  • Bottled water and well-cooked food are a must.
  • Before heading out for your appendix removal surgery in India, remember to read the travel advisories issued by the U.S. Department of State.

A beautiful country with immeasurable touristic offerings, professional medical services at low prices and cutting edge technology combine to make lap appendectomy in India an optimum choice. So head to the largest democracy of the world and you will return home, pain-free and largely, scar-free!


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