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Liver Transplant in New Delhi – India

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If you are suffering from a liver disease or infection, a liver transplant may be necessary. Not only is a liver transplant in New Delhi – India a high quality treatment, but you could also save considerably on the surgery even if you have no health insurance. Liver-Transplant An increasing amount of patients are traveling for quality and discounted surgery in India from places such as the Middle East, Africa, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

As per the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 48.2 million Americans under the age of 65 were without health insurance in 2011. Given this statistic, it is no wonder that more and more patients are traveling abroad for a liver transplant in New Delhi. Undergoing surgery in India allows patients to benefit from state-of-the-art health care and enjoy a cultural vacation without breaking the bank.


Liver Transplant: An Overview

  • Liver is a vital part of the body. According to the USC Liver Transplant Program and Center for Liver Disease, the liver performs over 400 daily functions in the body, including converting food into nutrients; storing fats, sugars, iron, and vitamins; and making proteins to aid blood clotting.
  • Complications from hepatitis, cirrhosis, and liver cancer may lead to the necessity of a liver transplant.
  • During surgery, a tube is placed through the mouth to help aid breathing during the surgery. Another tube ranging from the nose to the stomach is inserted to help drain stomach fluids. Surgeons make an incision into the abdomen and place drains to draw off blood and other fluids from the liver. A tube may also be placed into the body to help drain bile.
  • After surgery, the patient is closely monitored and placed on a respirator. Once the patient awakens after surgery, he/she will have numerous tests performed on them.


Cost of Liver Transplant in New Delhi

  • The cost of liver transplant in India can be 50% lower than the prices one would have to pay in most Western countries. This does not indicate that treatment in India is of lower quality; even the best liver hospital in Delhi, India offers inexpensive prices compared to costs charged in the United States.
  • The lower cost of living in India is a contributing factor to the affordable liver surgery prices in India. Besides major treatments such as organ transplants and spine surgery in New Delhi being relatively inexpensive, food, medicines, and other goods are priced lower in India as well.
  • Planning your travel carefully before flying abroad for your treatment can help you ensure you do not stray from your planned budget.


Pros and Cons of Undergoing Liver Surgery in Delhi – India

  • India’s convenient location near the Middle East, Africa, and Europe allows for patients from these regions to save significantly on liver transplantation in New Delhi. Delhi-to-Noida-Road
  • From liver transplantation to liposuction in New Delhi, patients can rest assured that they will be receiving high quality treatment at the world-class facilities. Doctors in India must undergo strict medical training before they are permitted to practice in liver hospitals in Delhi.
  • One advantage to undergoing hepatic transplantation in New Delhi is that there is typically little to no waiting time for treatment in India. This is especially beneficial for time-sensitive procedures, such as organ transplants.
  • Liver hospitals in New Delhi are equipped with the latest advancements in medical technology. Additionally, Indian doctors regularly attend educational seminars to ensure they utilize the most up-to-the-minute surgical techniques.
  • Patients from farther regions will likely undergo a longer airplane flight to get to New Delhi. In that case, medical tourists with airplane anxiety may want to choose a destination closer home.
  • Keep in mind that although you will receive treatment in India, you will likely visit a medical clinic in your native country for postsurgical follow-up appointments. For these follow-up appointments, you will have to pay your native country’s typical prices for treatment.


If you are in need of a liver transplant but cannot afford the skyrocketing medical costs in many Western countries, consider undergoing a low cost liver transplant in New Delhi – India.


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