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Surrogacy in New Delhi

For some couples, having children could be the best thing that has ever happened to tSurrogacy in New Delhi, Indiahem. But there are times when a couple can’t have children and is forced to look for alternatives. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s report “Fertility, Family Planning, and Reproductive Health of US Women: Data From the 2002 National Survey of Family Growth”, for example, 27.3% of woman aged 40 to 44 years old have tried and failed to bear children. Surrogacy could be the answer for those who want a child with blood relations to them. And surrogacy in India – particularly surrogacy in New Delhi – could be the answer for those looking for an option for renting a womb that can fit within their budgets.

Planning for Surrogacy in New Delhi, India

  • First thing you should do is check if you are eligible for surrogacy. Discuss your condition with your doctor at home, and then consult a surrogacy agency or clinic in New Delhi.
  • New Delhi is the capital city of India, and has some of the best hospitals in the country. If you’re looking for a global city where you can feel at home, you can’t go wrong with New Delhi.
  • According to the Indian Council of Medical Research’s Statement of Specific Principals for Assisted Reproductive Technologies (2006), surrogates in India sign away any rights to the child, so no need to get worried about getting entangled in a legal custody battle with the surrogate later.
  • You must first know if you can legally bring your child back home if you had surrogacy in New Delhi. In countries where surrogacy is not legal, you might not be able to bring your child with you, and he or she will be stuck in India.
  • Numerous surrogacy clinics in Delhi can answer to your needs – to know which one’s the best fit for you, do your research. There’s great medical care and surgery in India, and it’s up to you to find the best doctor and clinic for you.

Advantages of Getting Surrogacy in New Delhi

  • Surrogacy in Delhi is a lot cheaper than surrogacy in developed nations. Depending on the doctor and clinic you go to, savings could be more than half of what you would’ve spent in first-world countries. Get in touch with Quality Surgery India and ask for a free estimate.
  • You will have to go to Delhi for the procedures, but you don’t have to stay there throughoNew Delhi - Indiaut the whole process. Thus, set aside funds for your travel and accommodations.
  • Infertility centers in Delhi will make you choose among their rosters of surrogate moms, and you’ll have access to their health and family backgrounds. The surrogates, of course, have had children before.
  • Also, intending surrogate mothers in India have to clear a rigorous screening test. Indian females refrain from smoking and drinking and so are more capable of carrying the baby to term.
  • Some of the best IVF clinics in Delhi offer gestational surrogacy – a type of surrogacy wherein the child isn’t related by blood to the surrogate mother. This is preferable for those who want to minimize the instances of surrogate mothers having emotional attachment to the child.
  • Surrogacy clinics in New Delhi will update you along the way on what’s going on with the process.
  • India is a culture-rich country with numerous tourist destinations to speak of. If you want to vacation after going there to make arrangements, you can definitely do so.

Disadvantages of Surrogacy in Delhi

  • New Delhi could be halfway across the globe for you; you can’t regularly check up on the surrogate mother yourself.
  • If surrogacy is not legal in your country, you might not be able to bring your child back home.
  • India could be incredibly different from your own home country. India is an English-speaking country, so language barrier should be minimal, but you must be open to a very distinct culture if you’re going to India.

For some people who’ve been trying for years on end to bear a child, surrogacy in New Delhi could be the best thing that could ever happen. It’s understandable to be scared of taking risks, but if you take proper precautions and do your research, you could have the child you’ve been praying for. And it wouldn’t even wipe your bank account clean or bury you under piles of debt.


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