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Surgical Hair Restoration for Women in India

In this video a renowned hair replacement surgeon, talks about surgical hair restoration for women in India.

Following is the video narration.

“Females pattern  hair loss comprises about 10 percent of my practice and these ladies have a wide parting line down the centre of the head , a wide parting line. So mostly,  this is the most problem client that we get in women with a wide parting line in which plant about 1000, 1200 grafts in the parting line itself.

But there are other cases which they have diffused, that is over all hair loss over the crown area. They require larger amount of hair. In another category of patients, which is a  large number which we get from female sex is eyebrow reconstruction.We do a large number of eyebrow reconstructions , people with …over the eyebrow, we plant them in one session, a two hours surgery.”

The surgeon is a member of International College of Cosmetic Surgery and has done his MS in Plastic Surgery.  The cost of hair restoration in India is much affordable than western countries.

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