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Spinal Surgery Cost in India

The video shows a respected spine surgeon from India discussing cost and quality of spine surgery in India. The cost of spine surgery in India may be a lot lower but not at the expense of quality. The medical prowess of Indian doctors is acknowledged worldwide.

Narration – “As far as cost is concerned of spinal procedures or knee arthroscopy procedures, we compete in these procedures with our European counterparts or that from America. We’re almost four or five times economical than these countries.

We provide same quality, same expertise but the cost factor goes down very much. That is a reason that nowadays most of the patients who are non-resident Indians or foreigners are choosing India as one of the destinations for medical tourism.”

Spine surgeons treat a lot of Indians for spinal problems each year which consequently adds to the wealth of experience. It can be safely assumed that Indian doctors have earned a specialization in spinal procedures, thanks – with apologies – to thousands of Indian patients who develop spinal disorders which only a surgery can rectify. Spine surgery in India costs a lot lower than the west – as the surgeon points out the cost is 4 to 5 tomes lower than that in the west.


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