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Reverse Shoulder Replacement Surgery India

If you are suffering from stiff shoulder joints or painful shoulder movement due to rotator cuff tear injuries or chronic arthritis, which cannot be resolved using conventional shoulder surgery, you have the option of getting reverse shoulder replacement surgery in India Magnifier X-Ray at bargain basement prices. With advanced orthopedic surgery being practiced by highly skilled medical professionals, increasing number of patients suffering from shoulder impairment are heading for reverse shoulder replacement surgery in India.

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 53,000 Americans get shoulder replacement surgery per year. Given the expense of any kind of surgery in the U.S., patients looking for cheaper options choose to undergo quality surgery in India.

What is Reverse Shoulder Replacement Surgery?

  • Reverse shoulder replacement surgery, or reverse arthroplasty is a surgical procedure that is recommended for patients who have exhausted all other shoulder surgery options.
  • It is usually meant for people suffering from end stage cuff tear arthropathy, wherein the rotator cuff muscles or the muscles around the shoulder joint have been injured, or are weakened to such an extent that the shoulder joint can no longer function normally, causing stiffness and intense pain.
  • A patient seeking reverse shoulder joint replacement in India will undergo a surgical process, where the painful shoulder joint will be removed and reverse shoulder prosthesis will be attached. This prosthesis made of metal basically reverses the anatomy of the shoulder so that the ball and socket joint are attached at opposing ends. In other words, the metal ball is attached to the shoulder bone while the socket is placed at the upper end of the arm bone.
  • According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, the relatively new process has shown great promise and patient satisfaction has been high. While further research is needed to study long-term results, the positive statistics come across as an encouragement to patients seeking low cost reverse shoulder arthroplasty in India.

Why Choose Reverse Shoulder Replacement Surgery in India?

According to an article published by India Knowledge@Wharton, University of Pennsylvania, India’s share of medical tourism will reach $3 billion by 2013. With the global economy in doldrums and people being careful with their money, it is hardly surprising that medical tourists are heading to India to get complicated procedures like cancer treatments and vascular surgery in India.

There are many advantages to getting orthopedic surgery such as reverse total shoulder replacement in India.

  • Cost of reverse arthroplasty in India is much lower than in the US. The average cost of reverse should replacement surgery in India could be about 30%-70% of the total expenses in the west.
  • The leading hospitals in India will amaze visiting medical tourists with not just their advanced surgical equipment and technology but also with their luxurious accommodations.
  • Widely trained and board certified doctors in India will oversee your pre- and postoperative care as you undergo reverse shoulder surgery in India.
  • Since English is India’s official language, you will find that most hospitals’ medical staff will be proficient in English.
  • imgp9407Most patients seeking low cost reverse shoulder replacement procedure in India will find minimal waiting times since India’s city skylines are being dotted with modern steel and concrete medical towers. Indeed if you are seeking lesser complex procedures such as cataract eye surgery in India, you don’t have to wait at all.
  • India is a country that tempts all your senses. From the towering Gateway of India in Mumbai to the dignified Mughal Gardens of New Delhi; the teeming shopping malls of the cities to the softly swaying fields of the villages, you will find something to distract you as you recover from your low priced reverse shoulder surgery in India.

Reverse Shoulder Replacement Procedure in India – Travel Tips

  • Examine all your options before finalizing your choice of hospital and doctor for your reverse shoulder arthroplasty in India.
  • You will find a range of JCI/NABH accredited and ISO certified hospitals that perform procedures right from shoulder replacement procedures to pectus excavatum surgery in New Delhi and other parts of India at low prices. Quality Surgery India can make your hunt for a reputable surgeon and hospital easier as we have a number of state-of-the-art hospitals across India under our network.
  • Be respectful to the local culture. While Indian cities are largely cosmopolitan in their outlook, it is safer to dress conservatively.
  • Beware of touts and pickpockets. Try to avoid traveling alone at night.
  • Most non-Indian passport holders need a visa to enter the country. Travel information will be available at the Indian Consulates in your country.
  • Keep Indian currency with you at all times, though in small amounts. The small Indian stores often do not accept traveler’s checks and credit cards.
  • Bottled water is a must.
  • Remember to pack clothing appropriate to the local weather as you travel to India for your reverse shoulder replacement surgery.

Given the advances in India’s medical infrastructure and its adaptation to global medical standards, it is hardly surprising to see exponential growth in medical tourism in India. With the low cost of reverse shoulder replacement surgery in India added to the diversity of its touristic landscape, patients will return home feeling relaxed, like a burden has been lifted from their shoulders!


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