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Nose Job in India

The video shows a reputed cosmetic surgeon in India discussing the nuances of a nose job, alternatively known as rhinoplasty. Nose job in India is an option that can be weighed by those looking for easy on the pocket surgical solutions to either correct accidental or congenital deformities of their nose, or enhance its appearance aesthetically.

India is home to several state-of-the-art hospitals and clinics equipped with the latest technology. As the country boasts a large pool of competent and well-trained plastic surgeons, India has become a magnet for overseas medical tourists looking to get nips and tucks in complete privacy.

Narration – “Another cosmetic procedure which is very sought after at our centre is the rhinoplasty or the cosmetic nose reshaping. We get several cases for nose reshaping following trauma or some people are born with broad noses, hooked noses or they have prominent noses, they have humps over dorsum of the nose, so several cases come to us for nose reshaping.

This is a very rewarding surgery and can change the person’s outlook. After the rhinoplasty, the self-image of a person goes up; and the surgery takes about 2 hours and the person is sent back home the same day and everything is off, the bandages and everything gets off after about 7 days’ time and you can resume the normal work within a week’s time.”

Besides the low costs, an advantage of choosing nose job in India is the absence of waiting times. Also, majority of the plastic surgeons in India are English-speaking. Hence, overseas patients face minimal linguistic problems during their stay for plastic surgery in India.

India is a country steeped in a melange of vibrant cultures and rich history. Add to the inimitable cultural offerings a chance to undergo rhinoplasty under experienced hands, and you can look forward to a memorable medical-cum-sightseeing trip. Rhinoplasty in India is your passport to the nose that you’ve always dreamt of, for a surprisingly low price.


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