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Meniscus Repair Surgery in India

The video shows a top knee surgeon discussing why meniscus is no longer expendable. Knee surgery in India is both low cost and of comparable quality to that found in the West. Those looking for a convenient and low cost solution to their torn menisci should weigh the option of meniscus repair surgery in India.

India abounds with well trained and highly experienced orthopedic surgeons and appointments with them can be fixed conveniently. A major advantage of choosing torn meniscus treatment in India is low waiting time and minimal language difficulties as majority of the Indian orthopedic surgeons can speak good English.

Narration – “As far as meniscus, talking about knee arthroscopy, as far as meniscus repair is concerned, it has been seen now that meniscus is very important component, as far as knee function is concerned, so nowadays trend has started that we preserve the meniscus wherever possible.

So whenever we see meniscus tear, during arthroscopy, which is reparable, we try to repair it and we don’t try to sacrifice it. As far as meniscus repair is concerned, again these patients can assume their physical activities much faster as compared to ligament repair surgeries and if we excise it, where repair has not been done, these patients can do their sporting activities, may be at end of the 4 weeks or so.”

The low cost effect of low living costs also permeates to knee replacement implants in India. You can avail of quality knee prosthesis for prices which are much lower than in the US, Canada and the UK.

While Indian megacities Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi ooze with state-of-the-art clinics that offer quality medical care, one lesser-known destination for meniscus repair in India is Chandigarh. Known by the sobriquet “the City Beautiful,” Chandigarh is famous for its verdant boulevards, clear air and is also home to a JCI accredited hospital. If you choose Chandigarh for your meniscus repair surgery in India, you can look forward to recovery in a clean, pristine environment.


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