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Knee Mosaicplasty in India

Knee Mosaicplasty in IndiaKnee mosaicplasty in India is available at cost-effective prices. Also, the country is home to numerous hospitals that provide quality medical care. Mosaicplasty is a suitable solution for repair of the focal chondral defects or a damaged area of the articular cartilage in the knee joint. It is now possible to get relief from pain, swelling, and locking in your knees by going through the low-cost yet quality cartilage transfer procedure in Indian hospitals.

Choosing to undergo knee surgery in India  would also provide you an opportunity to take a vacation in a land of colorful cultural traditions, mouth-watering cuisine, and various tourism activities.

Mosaicplasty for Knee Cartilage Defects – An Overview

  • Mosaicplasty is a cost-effective means of restoring chondral defects or damage in the knee joint.
  • Some of the most common causes of knee cartilage damage are trauma, osteonecrosis, osteochondritis, and other conditions.
  • The damaged articular cartilage is best treated by replacing it with a hyaline-like substance or hyaline cartilage. Thus, mosaicplasty is a procedure that extracts healthy cartilage from a normal non-weight bearing part of the knee, and transfers it to the damaged area of the knee.
  • Sometime after your knee cartilage replacement in India, your physiotherapist will aid you in getting out of bed.
  • You will receive training on how to walk without putting any weight or exerting pressure on the operated leg for at least 6-7 weeks after the operation, using a pair of crutches.
  • You will be ready for discharge as soon as you are comfortable with the crutches and can move up and down the stairs without any trouble.
  • In case of a swelling, your surgeon may advice you to put ice on the operated knee regularly. It would be essential to perform the rehabilitation exercises regularly as instructed by your physiotherapist to keep the knee from becoming stiff and weak.

Knee Cartilage Replacement – Pros and Cons

  • According to a presentation  by Dr. László Hangody at the eighth World Congress of the International Cartilage Repair Society held in May 2009 in Miami, Florida, various clinical evaluations of the technique of mosaicplasty reported a success rate of around 90%.
  • Indian Institute of Advanced Study in Shimla - IndiaThe major advantage of knee cartilage defect treatment is that the damaged area is placed with mature hyaline cartilage right away.
  • This technique can be used only for minor defects, to avoid symptoms occurring from the donor site.
  • As it is a complex procedure, there is a possibility of complications. This may include infection within the knee in the form of a painful and leaking wound. There might also be stiffness in the knee after the surgery, particularly if it swells badly.

Mosaicplasty for knee cartilage defects is not  generally performed in patients above the age of 45 years.

Why Undergo Mosaicplasty in India?

There are a variety of reasons for one to choose mosaicplasty or osteochondral grafting knee in India.

  • The high cost of orthopedic procedures in the West makes surgery a non-achievable proposition for the uninsured or underinsured. Knee mosaicplasty price in India is only a fraction of the cost in the US, the UK, and Canada. Indian healthcare providers can offer cost-effective treatments because of the lower cost of living in the country than in America or Europe. This in turn leads to a lowering of the prices of all amenities, including accommodation, daily provisions, and medical care.
  • The well-trained and experienced Indian orthopedic doctors treat patients using the latest equipment and technology. Many Indian surgeons have received their education abroad and know how to deal with international patients.
  • The leading hospitals  in India have excellent infrastructure. They are well-equipped to offer world-class medical care through their team of highly-skilled and dedicated healthcare professionals.
  • Many hospitals offering orthopedics services in India have received Joint Commission International (JCI) and National Accreditation Board for Healthcare and Hospital Providers (NABH) accreditation.
  • The quality of the treatment in India is at par with that in the western countries.
  • Patients do not have to bear the inconvenience of queuing up for consultation as the large number of doctors and operating theatres in India make immediate treatment possible.
  • The country has innumerable sightseeing options to help you rejuvenate during your medical journey in India.

Planning Your Medical Trip to India

There are a few arrangements to be made to ensure that you have a smooth repair of knee cartilage in India.

  • The concession that you receive by having done your surgery in India may prove beneficial in case you need to extend your stay in the country due to unforeseen circumstances or complications. Any savings made earlier would come in handy then.
  • Establish prior contact with your surgeon or clinic in India to gain proper knowledge about the surgery. Do keep communicating with the hospital representatives after you decide to go through knee cartilage defect treatment in India. Clarify all your doubts regarding the procedure.
  • Research on the credentials and reputation of the surgeons before setting up an appointment with them. For optimum results, it would be advisable to go for highly experienced specialists associated with an internationally accredited hospital.
  • Online reviews or testimonials of previous clients would prove to be a good source of information.
  • Avoid street food and tap water to keep infections at bay.
  • While shopping for souvenirs and traditional items do remember to bargain. Shopkeepers and vendors here tend to quote exorbitant rates to non-locals.

If you are all set for mosaicplasty of the knee in India, start preparing for your trip right away. While in India you can take a tour of the country’s delightful sights or simply laze away in the incredible retreats and resorts spread all across the country. You will return home not only with painless knees but also wonderful handicrafts to adorn your home and tons of pictures to remind you of unforgettable moments spent at the awe-inspiring historical monuments of Delhi, the peaceful gardens of Chandigarh, the lively beaches of Goa, the amazing sea fronts of Mumbai, and the soothing tea plantations of Darjeeling.


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