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Indian Vascular Surgeon on Varicose Veins Surgery

This video shows a renowned vascular surgeon from India discussing about the varicose veins surgery.

Following is the video narration.

“Varicose veins, we offer all the latest treatment, in forms of laser, radiofrequency ablation and …. Therapy and all these patients are operated under local anaesthesia and they are discharged half an hour later after the surgery.

Varicose veins is not a cosmetic problem. Varicose veins in long term can cause huge skin changes and venous ulcer at the ankle of the foot and at the same time they can have infection in them, have a clot formation and they can also rupture and cause bleeding.

The surgery takes normally 20 minutes for one leg. It’s done under local anaesthesia. There are no cuts or any stitches and patient can walk immediately after the surgery.

We keep the patient in the post-operative period for 10 mins and then the patient can go home. Normally depends if the patient is from a close distance, we call them after a week to two weeks’ time but if the patient is coming from far away, so we normally don’t see them. The patient can call us on the phone.

You see, varicose veins has got a success rate of nearly 98 – 99 percent. So it’s a very high success rate”

India offers an affordable cost of varicose veins treatment. The surgeon is highly qualified and the hospital is also well equipped with the latest technology.

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