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Immediate load vs. 2 Stage Dental Implants – Chandigarh Dentist

The video shows a top dental practitioner from Chandigarh explaining the difference between immediate loading and 2 stage dental implants. Chandigarh is emerging as a top choice for dental tourists since the city offers all the advantages of big city minus the chaos. What’s more besides the low costs for cosmetic dental procedures like, implants, dentures, bridges, or Zirconia crowns in Chandigarh? It also offers access to world known tourism destinations such as Manali and Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh or Rishikesh in Uttarakhand.

Narration – “In immediate load dental implants, we put an implant and superstructure which is the abutment and crown that is put at the same time or within 2-3 days or so that is called an immediate implant. Pearson implant and a superstructure are put on immediately.

2 stage implants means we place an implant, we place an implant, wait for that implant to integrate with the bone. The wait we get could vary between 3 to 6 months and after it has osteointegrated with the bone then you place the structure later on.

So here we’re doing the work in two stages as opposed to one stage we were doing early on. For single stage implant the bone condition has to be very good, the bone density has to be good, if your bone is porous then we can’t do single stage implants in some cases.

Again as I said, the case selection has to be different. It’s not that we can do each and everything for each and every patient. In foreign patients, we prefer to do single stage, if possible, so that it can save them another trip and as I said, case selection is important. If that bone is not good, rather than doing something wrong, we’d rather not do it at all or do a two stage.

Then we tell them that you have to come again, if you’re willing to do that, we’ll go ahead with the 2 stage, if their bone is good, we prefer to do a single stage so that their time spent here is minimum and work done is maximum.”

Don’t be lured by immediate load dental implants if your bone density and quality isn’t up to the standards.  And don’t fret just yet, even after accounting for two trips to India you’d save enough than you decide to do it in your own country.


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