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Hip Surgery in India

Hip Surgery in India is popular among a lot of westerners, who cannot get it in their native countries because of the high costs or the long wait for a doctor’s appointment. India has a large pool of qualified doctors and hospitals for hip surgery, knee surgery and other orthopedic treatments. Easy availability of quality healthcare services in India has fueled the growth of medical tourism in this Asian country.

According to the Encyclopedia of Surgery, “The demographics of hip revision surgery are likely to change significantly over the next few decades as the proportion of people over 65 in the world’s population continues to increase.”

Why is Aging Associated with Hip Surgery?

  • Aging increases the likelihood of osteoarthritis.Hip Surgery
  • This disease wears down cartilage in main joints, like the hips.
  • Movement becomes stiff and painful.

The elderly, beleaguered by such problems, struggle to walk, to sit, to rise, and climb stairs.  When cartilage in the hips is eventually worn down to such a state that the pain becomes unbearable, hip surgery is likely needed.

Research for the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons (AAHKS) states, “Demand for hip and knee replacements is rising annually and growth is expected to be substantial. Costs are high, reaching $11 billion for hospitals in 2004 and $5 billion for Medicare in 2006. Medicare, the biggest payer for U.S. joint replacements, averaged payments of $11,000 for primary surgeries and $14,000 for revisions in 2006.”

Osteoarthritis is the most common reason; but any previous injury to the hip can also lead to the need for hip surgery, or hip replacement surgery.

When is Hip Replacement Surgery Done?

If the damage to the hip joint is beyond repair, it may have to be removed and replaced with an artificial hip, or prosthesis.

Hip replacement surgery procedure involves:

  • Removing a diseased or damaged hip joint.
  • Cutting off the top of the thigh bone.
  • Attaching a metal ball (prosthesis) to the top of the thigh bone.
  • Replacing the hip joint with the prosthesis.

Surgery is not recommended for young people because of the strain their greater activity can place on the artificial hip.

If damage is not severe enough for hip replacement surgery, a procedure called hip resurfacing may be performed instead.

In Hip resurfacing procedure:

  • Damaged cartilage lining is cleaned out of the socket part.
  • A piece of metal is attached to it.
  • The top of the thigh bone is not cut off, but sculpted.
  • The prosthesis is attached to the sculpted part.
  • The two parts are joined together.

Advantages of having Hip Replacement Surgery in India

Ancient Architecture of IndiaIndia’s medical industry has:

Medical Tourism in India

Besides the benefits listed above, medical tourist in India get the chance to experience:

  • One of the world’s most ancient and beautiful cultures.
  • Miles of splendid beaches.
  • Magnificentl temples.
  • The finest restaurants and cuisine.
  • Many colorful and inexpensive markets to shop.

Hip replacement surgery in India allows you to combine the major surgical procedure with a relaxing vacation that’d help you recuperate serenely.

Traveling to India for Hip Surgery

  • U.S. citizens must carry a passport
  • A tourist visa for India is required for each visitor
  • The visa can be valid for six months to a year.

India is strongly committed to the medical tourism industry and has been gradually upgrading its infrastructure in compliance with the global standards. If healthcare is too expensive in your country, and you’re unable to afford hip replacement, India just might be the ideal choice.


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