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Hemicolectomy in India

The US Centers for Disease Control writes that colorectal cancer is “the third most common cancer in men and in women.” For the over 140,000 Americans suffering from this disease, effective surgical intervention is often delayed due to long waiting lists or lack of insurance coverage. For this reason, many people are looking to have hemicolectomy in India.

Medical tourism in India is a growing industry and people from other parts of the world, having realized the value of the healthcare system in India, come here to get all sorts of treatments that are unaffordable or unavailable in their own countries.

Colon cancer treatment in India, Mexico, and other developing countries is considerably cheaper and much-easily available than in the United States or Europe.

About Hemicolectomy

Hemicolectomy is a common surgical treatment for colon cancer that involves the removal of the left or right portion of the colon. Depending on the circumstances, the intestine is either stitched back together, or the remaining colon is rerouted through the abdomen to perform a colostomy. The decision to perform a colostomy is made at the surgeon’s discretion; while avoiding a colostomy is ideal for the long-term comfort of the patient as reattaching the colon carries with it a high risk of potentially fatal complications if the stitches fail.

Traditionally, a hemicolectomy is performed by open surgery. However, minimally invasive procedures are the new trend, and doctors offer everything from single-thoracoscopic chest surgery to laparoscopic cholecystectomy in India. Colectomy can also be performed with minimal invasion of the tissues.

Aside from colon cancer, some of the other reasons that patients travel for a right/left hemicolectomy in India include diverticulitis, inflammatory bowel diseases, and typhlitis.

How Much for Hemicolectomy in India?

As noted above, the popularity of traveling for colon removal surgery in India is largely due to the procedure’s low price. All oncological surgeries are different, and thecost of a hemicolectomy in India varies according to the nature of the patient’s condition and the amount of work necessary. Typically, however, patients can expect to save anywhere from 50-80% compared to prices in the US and the UK.

Is it Safe?

  • Many patients considering colorectal cancer treatment in India, worry that they will be putting their life into the hands of an inexperienced doctor in a unsanitary, antiquated clinic.
  • In fact, for the most part the low cost of procedures such as a hemicolectomy in India is due to the country’s lower cost of living, and does not reflect the quality of care.
  • Considered, along with the rest of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China), to be one of the world’s emerging economic powers, India is home to a well-educated population, and is a global leader in science and technology.
  • As a result, medical clinics in India are as clean and modern as any in more developed countries.
  • All Indian doctors receive their training in English, so communication difficulties are never an issue.
  • Additionally, a recent surge of tourists seeking medical treatments in India has got the facilities to take notice, and make special arrangements for people from other countries so as to be able to provide them a comfortable, home-like atmosphere.
  • India has a wide variety of public and private hospitals that can handle any procedure. As such, there are many options for cancer treatments such as hemicolectomy or prostate robotic surgery in India. Mumbai, Bangalore, Chandigarh and Delhi are all major cities with many healthcare facilities.

Recovery from Hemicolectomy

Once thought of as a death sentence, modern advances in medicine are making surviving cancer an increasingly realistic possibility. According to a study by Tong and Law published in the Jan-Mar 2011 edition of the Journal of the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons, patients who undergo a laparoscopic hemicolectomy for colorectal cancer have a 74% survival rate after two years.

Recovery from hemicolectomy of colorectal cancer treatment can take several weeks. Dairy, raw vegetables, legumes and any other hard-to-digest foods should all be avoided post-surgery. Because many people travel for similar operations such as laparoscopic gastric bypass in Mumbai and other major cities you will find a wide variety of clinics which cater to people in recovery from gastrointestinal procedures.

People diagnosed with colorectal cancer often find the stress of their diagnosis to be compounded by treatment considerations. The rising cost of healthcare in the US and the increasing inadequacy of most insurance plans have led many patients to consider surgery abroad. For those looking into this option, hemicolectomy in India can be a great way to save money and time on this life-saving procedure.

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