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Forehead Lift in Bangalore, India

If your facial expression has turned into a permanent frown because of a sagging forehead, upper eyelids, and eyebrows, you may consider a forehead lift in Bangalore. Located in the southern part of India, Bangalore has several high-end hospitals with renowned cosmetic surgeons and advanced technologies, making it an attractive destination for plastic surgery in India.

According to the 2009 Biennial Global Survey of The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, India has become one of the top five medical destinations of the world.

About Forehead Lift

According to WebMD, a forehead lift is used to fix sagging skin of the forehead, upper eyelids, and eyebrows. There are two types of forehead and eyebrow lifts: a classic lift and an endoscopic lift.

In the classic lift, the surgeon makes a continuous cut that starts at the ear level and goes along the hair line. Then the surgeon does the required tightening of the muscles to create a lifted look.

On the other hand, the endoscopic lift involves the surgeon making a few smaller cuts to the scalp. An endoscope, which is a camera at the end of a think tube, is inserted into one of the cuts while the required surgical instruments are inserted through another. The surgeon uses small anchors to secure the sagging muscles and tissues.

The endoscopic method is less invasive and therefore, leaves fewer scars and the recovery time is considerably shortened. Usually, brow lifts are outpatient procedures.

Make sure you have an in depth discussion with your surgeon with regards to all your concerns before heading to Bangalore, India for a browplasty.

Why go to Bangalore for Forehead Lift?

According to a 2005 University of Delaware study, India is expected to receive over $2.2 billion dollars in medical tourism returns. This is because India is an ideal combination of varied tourism options and high value medical procedures that are low-cost.

So whether you are seeking liposuction in New Delhi, a tummy tuck in Mumbai or a forehead lift with Botox in Bangalore, India, you are likely to find a range of satisfactory options to choose from.

Some of the advantages of getting forehead lift surgery in Bangalore, India are:

  • The cost of a forehead lift in Bangalore is very low. Comparatively, it can cost an eighth of the cost in the US or Europe. The associated low costs will offset your travel expenses and save you enough to make the journey to India worthwhile.
  • Hospitals in India are renowned for their top-of-the-line medical and surgical facilities. Make sure you choose a JCI or NABH accredited institution so as to be sure of the standards as you undergo a brow lift in Bangalore, India.
  • Doctors in India are widely experienced and many of them have trained in the US or the UK.
  • Getting an endoscopic forehead lift in Bangalore, India will allow you to easily discuss all permutations and combinations with your consultant since most medical professionals in the country are proficient in written and spoken English.
  • With a high number of modern hospitals, you are unlikely to meet waitlists as you schedule a low-cost brow-lift or forehead-lift in Bangalore, India.
  • India is a must-do on many travel bucket lists. Considered an exotic, culturally diverse country that juxtaposes frenetic urbanity with serene ruralscapes, India has much to offer its medical tourists. So explore your options of travel after getting rid of your frown lines through a. endoscopic forehead lift in Bangalore, India.

Travel Tips

  • India can be a complicated travel destination. So make sure you do some research about your medical and travel options before heading out for any procedure such as a mini brow lift to Bangalore, India.
  • While large cities like Bangalore are metropolitan in their outlooks, it is advisable to dress conservatively as you explore your chosen destinations.
  • You will require current passports and visas to visit India. Make sure you take into account the travel distance to India. It takes approximately 24 hours to reach most Indian cities from the United States, and between 8-10 hours from the UK and the EU.
  • Carrying cash is necessary in India. While high end stores, restaurants and hotels accept credit cards and travelers checks, you will need Indian currency at most other businesses.
  • Do not drink tap water and avoid indulging in street fare so as to avoid gastrointestinal diseases.

Bangalore is one of India’s leading IT hubs and is known for its pub culture. With its beautifully designed Cubbon Park, historic Bangalore Palace and well-stocked Aquarium, Bangalore has many enchanting treasures for its visitors. As for its medical travelers, it offers: high tech hospitals, low cost procedures, accredited doctors and fantastic post-procedural care. So head to Bangalore, India for a forehead lift and you will return with a smooth and serene brow line!


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