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forehead-lift  People who wish to eliminate forehead wrinkles could benefit greatly from forehead lifts.While they may be pricey in Western countries, a forehead lift (endoscopic) in New Delhi, India is quite affordable and is performed at world-class medical facilities. The high quality of cosmetic surgery in India is one of the reasons many medical tourists are making a beeline for a brow lift in New Delhi, in particular.


Endoscopic Forehead Lifts – Info File

  • A forehead lift, alternatively known as browplasty, as the name suggests, lifts the muscles and skin that cause an aged appearance, such as frown lines and wrinkles on the forehead and drooping eyelids.
  • Surgery is usually performed with local anesthesia, but anxious patients can obtain sedation so they are not awake during the procedure.
  • According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, to perform an endoscopic forehead lift, the doctor will make some small incisions and use an endoscope to perform the surgery. This helps improve recovery time.
  • The typical forehead lift is performed on 40-60 year old adults whose foreheads are showing signs of aging.
  • Risks include the formation of a scar if the surgeon pulls the skin too tightly and the unsightly appearance of a scar if you have a receding hairline.
  • On an average, you can go back to work once seven days after surgery have passed.

Forehead Lift Surgery in New Delhi, India – The Pros

  • The forehead lift cost in India is considerably lower than it is in the US, Canada, the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe, Nigeria, Kenya and other countries in Africa, and the Middle East.
  • The price that you would be paying for an endoscopic forehead lift in New Delhi, India will be only a minuscule percentage of what like-procedures cost in your home country. So much so you can easily think of going one step ahead and getting a nose job or liposuction in New Delhi for an enhanced appearance with all the money that you save on your browplasty procedure.
  • Plastic surgeries such as forehead lift and blepharoplasty eyelid surgery in New Delhi are performed by talented Indian surgeons. You will be spoilt for choice as there is many a highly qualified and well-trained plastic surgeon in New Delhi.
  • In addition to saving on your browplasty in New Delhi, India, you will be able to save on post-care medications, as medications in the national capital of India are available at lower prices.
  • You will be in good hands during your eyebrow lift in New Delhi, India. India has 19 JCI-accredited hospitals, two of which are in New Delhi, according to the Joint Commission International website. And in order to become JCI-accredited, hospitals must adhere to high medical standards. metro-station-new-delhi-india
  • Most Indian doctors speak fluent English, making it easier to communicate with them before your forehead lift with Botox in New Delhi, India.
  • Traveling for an eyelid lift in New Delhi, India is highly convenient for those located in the nearby West Asian and European countries.
  • You will have the luxury of going to a foreign country to receive surgery and come back refreshed without your friends and co-workers knowing that you underwent surgery!

Forehead Lift Surgery in New Delhi, India – The Cons

  • Obtaining plastic surgery abroad, be it a forehead lift or  a tummy tuck in New Delhi and any other medical tourism behemoth, requires additional work on the part of the patient to ensure they obtain the proper travel documents.
  • While you may be used to paying low prices for a brow lift in New Delhi, your post-surgical care will likely be provided in your native country. Your post-surgical costs may be more expensive in your country than in New Delhi.
  • It may be lonely to travel long distances abroad, so you may want to bring along a travel companion when you go abroad for a full blown forehead lift or a mini brow lift in New Delhi, India.

Traveling for Forehead Lift (Endoscopic) in New Delhi, India

  • Before traveling for plastic surgeries such as browplasty or facelift in New Delhi, make sure to research surgeons to ensure you get the results that you want.
  • When traveling for forehead lift surgery in New Delhi, India, it is recommended that you avoid crowds in the Indian capital city, as they make it easier for pickpockets to snatch purses unnoticed.
  • New Delhi is home to many inexpensive Indian restaurants. Travel outside of the hotel communities for better prices.
  • You should take care to avoid drinking tap water or eating raw fruits and vegetables prepared in India. Stick to cooked vegetables and bottled water in New Delhi.
  • Hindi is commonly spoken in New Delhi. Some important Hindi phrases include: “Namaste” (Hi), “Aap kaisey hay?” (How are you?), Shukriyaa” (Thank you), “Nahi” (No), “Yes” (Haa), “Bhojan” (Food), and “Pani” (Water).
  • Wear light, loose clothing to beat the hot Indian sun.


A forehead lift (endoscopic) in New Delhi, India, can rejuvenate your face without costing you tons of money. Whether you choose a browplasty with surgery or botox treatment which doubles as a forehead lift without surgery in New Delhi, India, your age defying treatment will be performed by top-notch surgeons who will work with you to achieve your desired results.


Quality Surgery India facilitates affordable forehead lift surgery at various hospitals under its network in India. For more information, submit the estimate–request form on the right.



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