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Endoscopic Discectomy of Lumbar Disc in India

Endoscopic Discectomy of Lumbar Disc in IndiaIf you are suffering from intense back pain because of spinal problems or are experiencing leg pain, endoscopic discectomy of lumbar disc in India might be an option to consider. With the availability of good care and experienced surgical specialists, you are likely to get quality spinal surgery in India.

According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, back pain is the leading cause of disability among Americans, who are below 45 years of age. Additionally, more than 26 million Americans between 20 to 64 years of age were found to experience frequent back pain. Given the high incidence of back pain in America and its associated costs, low-priced chronic back pain treatment in India holds a higher degree of attraction for patients.

What is Microendoscopic Discectomy of Lumbar Disc?

  • Used to alleviate excruciating back or leg pain or correct loss of bladder and bowel control due to a hernia, discectomy is a surgical process that is used to remove herniated disc material impinging on a nerve root or the spinal cord.
  • In microdiscectomy, a special microscope is used to view the disc and nerves. This allows the surgeon to make incisions with a higher degree of precision, which in turn limits the damage to surrounding tissue.
  • Done under anesthesia, the surgery requires overnight stay at the hospital. You might be required to undergo some physiotherapy. Many patients resume work and daily activities within two to four weeks. In case of occupations that require heavy physical activity, the recovery period is extended to four to eight weeks.

The prospect of being pain-free at a remarkably low cost is one of the primary rationales for getting lumbar microdiscectomy in India.

What is Cost of Endoscopic Microdiscectomy in India?

  • The answer in one word is low. The cost of lumbar microdiscectomy in India is just a fraction of the prices charged in the US, Canada and the EU. This is because of a combination of lower cost of high class medical facilities with reasonable charges for surgeries, cheap labor costs and lower living costs in general.
  • Additionally, you have a plethora of cities to choose from. Pick Delhi as your tourist destination, head to the attractions in and around Mumbai, or explore the offerings of medical tourism in Bangalore. You will be spoilt for choice as you seek lumbar spinal microdiscectomy in India.

Advantages of Microendodiscectomy of Lumbar Disc in India

Indian BisonAn article published on June 02, 2011 on the Health Economics blog India Knowledge@Wharton, University of Pennsylvania predicts that medical tourism will bring in $3 billion to India by 2013. India offers medical tourists multiple advantages such as:

  • The leading hospitals in India are topnotch institutions. They use high-tech surgical tools, have impeccable standards of hygiene and have beautifully appointed interiors. Medical tourists seeking endoscopic lumbar disc surgery in India are likely to be satisfied with the services provided.
  • Patients can choose from an exhaustive list of spine surgeons in India. With many trained overseas, these medical professionals are required to obtain stringent certifications.
  • Since most Indian surgeons are conversant in English, they will be able to answer all your questions about endoscopic lumbar disc surgery in India.
  • Given the vast number of surgeons and hospitals, patients will be able to schedule their procedure without much wait.
  • India is a beautiful country offering multi-layered geographic and socio-cultural experiences. As you plan for your endoscopic lumbar microdiscectomy in India, try to find some time to explore the attractions of the region you are in.

Getting Micro Endoscopicdiscectomy in India – Travel Considerations

  • Take the time to do your research before settling on a city, hospital and surgeon in India.
  • It is essential that you understand all the terms and conditions with respect to your endoscopic microdiscectomy of lumbar spine in India since the malpractice laws here are tough to implement.
  • Remember to be respectful of local traditions and cultures while your stay for micro endodiscectomy of the lumbar disc in India.
  • Use commonsense during your stay in India. Do not travel alone. Dress conservatively, and use certified vendors for your local stay and travel.
  • Before heading for a lumbar spinal microdiscectomy in India, remember to read the travel advisories issued by the U.S. Department of State, and sign up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program so that the State Department can help you, if required.

With its immense medical and touristic offerings, getting micro endodiscectomy of lumbar disc in India should not be a difficult decision.


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