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Diabetic Foot Treatment – Vascular Surgeon, India

This video shows a leading vascular surgeon from Chandigarh, discussing about treatment for diabetic foot in India.

Following is the video narration.

“We do manage patients here with the diabetic foot. It’s a diabetic foot care centre here so we, in terms of, we give them the best medical treatments either through the care of  the endocrinologist, foot care specialist and we offer them a full package for vascular treatment , in terms of any sort of bypass – whatever they require in the legs. We also offer them all sort of angioplasties, both in the ….. arteries and the thigh arteries and also angioplasties of the below knee vessels and most of these patients, angioplasties, takes around two days in the hospital and there are no cuts or any stitches.

Normally not because whenever we do such procedures, these procedures are done in diabetic foot when they have an extreme, they critically limb ischemia, what we call that means patient has got an ulcer which is not healing from past 2 weeks, a patient has got a gangrene of the foot or got a severe infection and most of these patients are suitable for these operations.

Most of these patients, the ulcers, they heal within 4-6 weeks times and once the ulcer heals then they don’t need to exactly follow up with us. They can actually follow up locally.  Most of these patients also have got success rate more than 90 percent. So it’s got a very good success rate but it all depends upon the condition of the arteries and angiogram pictures and what sort of infection patient is carrying in the foot.”

The surgeon specializes in various vascular surgeries including varicose veins surgery, deep venous thrombosis, abdominal and thoracic aneurysms, diabetic foot surgery and femoral embolectomy. The cost of treatments is much affordable than the western countries and the hospitals in India are well equipped with the latest technology. These are some major draws for patients considering India as their treatment destination.


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