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Bargain Cosmetic Surgery in Chandigarh

The video shows a top cosmetic surgeon sharing the cost advantage of availing cosmetic surgery in Chandigarh. Why pay five times more? The surgeon is well versed in almost all cosmetic procedures such as, ear correction, vaginal rejuvenation and also offers popular procedures such as nose job at Chandigarh clinic. Chandigarh, India, as most medical tourists discover, is not just affordable but also a gateway to the mystical Himalayas of the north. The cool mountain air sweeps its plains bringing with it the healing essence of the mountain herbs.

Narration – “Well there are few distinct advantages of getting surgeries done in India as compared to abroad, especially when it comes to cosmetic work.

Well, cosmetic jobs or the facelifts, blepharoplasties, rhinoplasties, tummy tucks, liposuctions, they’re not covered anywhere in the world by insurance companies and the amount which you have to pay abroad in the western countries or the European countries is almost five times, I know I’ve got friends who’re operating in America and European countries. Just for an example they would charging around about USD$7500-10000 for a rhinoplasty or a nose job, for standard facelift.

And when you’re paying about $15000 for a routine procedure which amounts to about more than 8 lakh Indian Rupees and the same surgery in India would cost you around about, maybe less than 2 lakh Rupees, so it’s almost 6-7 times cheaper here and with the same results and in the same money you come back, visit a new place, visit new friends, you go back with a better looking face!

If you still want to overlook the benefits of cosmetic treatment in India and in these recessionary times, you’ve got to be a multi millionaire with hotel chains around the world bequeathed to your socialite granddaughter!


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