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Cervical Disc Replacement in New Delhi – India

You will be under the care of experienced physicians at  affordable prices when you opt for cervical disc replaceCervical Disc Replacement in Indiament in New Delhi. Spine surgery in India and in New Delhi in particular is beneficial for those from the affluent countries of the West who lack the finances to pay for the surgery back home.

Over the last few years, surgeons in New Delhi have refined themselves in the procedure of carrying out spine disc surgeries and serve overseas patients.

Cervical disc replacement surgery in New Delhi is performed by renowned physicians and patients are taken care of by well-trained medical staff. The facilities for cervical spine disc replacement in New Delhi are equipped with the latest techniques to perform this complex procedure successfully.

Cervical Disc Replacement – An Overview

  • Cervical disc replacement is performed to relieve the pain, numbness, weakness, and tingling in the neck or arm caused by one or two damaged discs located in the cervical vertebrae (the first seven vertebrae of the spine, starting from the neck).
  • The incisions for cervical disc replacement surgery can be done from the front or back of the neck.
  • Anterior cervical disc replacement is done through the front of the neck.
  • It is a standard surgical procedure for a disc replacement that allows a surgeon much better access to the whole cervical spine and makes it easier for them to remove the offending disc.
  • The gap created between the two bones after the disc removal is either filled with a section of a bone graft or synthetic cage device. Patients feel less postoperative pain from this type of spine operation than from a posterior surgery.
  • As reported in an article by Jim Dryden published in the Washington University in St. Louis newsroom on March 18, 2009,  artificial disc replacement is an option as good as spine fusion surgery.

Advantages of Anterior Disc Replacement in New Delhi

  • The leading hospitals in India, especially in New Delhi have all the equipment and expertise to handle this procedure efficiently and successfully.
  • Quite a few renowned surgeons in New Delhi hospitals have received their degrees and training from world-renowned medical institutes and have years of experience in treating patients from all over the globe.
  • Hospitals in New Delhi have well-trained, English speaking medical personnel, making it easy for overseas patients to communicate with them. Moreover, English is widely spoken throughout the country, which makes it easier for foreigners to interact with locals.

Cervical Disc Replacement Cost in New Delhi

  • New Delhi, IndiaHospitals in New Delhi provide the most competitive prices for a disc replacement surgery.
  • The prices for cervical disc replacement in India are much lower than what you have to spend for the procedure in the US, the UK.
  • Some of the cervical total disc replacement New Delhi packages may also include certain additional expenses such as transportation.
  • You don’t have to do all the guessing about the cost of your disc replacement surgery in New Delhi by yourself. Quality Surgery India will do all the legwork to help you find reputable hospitals for undergoing cervical spine disc replacement in New Delhi at reasonable prices. Quality Surgery India is a great place to get a quote on how much your spine surgery in New Delhi is going to cost.

Considerations for Cervical Disc Replacement in India

  • You should ask a physician in your native country to determine if the cervical disc replacement is what you need.
  • Compare the advantage and disadvantages of getting a traditional fusion surgery with a cervical disc replacement surgery.
  • While the main disc replacement procedure could take a few days, you must take into consideration the recovery time. You will need to stay in New Delhi for some time to recuperate from your operation.

As per estimates released by the Confederation of Indian Industries, India’s medical tourism industry could generate up to $2 billion per annum by 2012. The unprecedented growth of this industry in India, including in New Delhi, is attributed mainly to the high standards of healthcare at affordable prices. Cervical disc replacement in India provides a cost-effective option that you might be searching for.


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