CCSVI Liberation Treatment in India – South Africa Patient Testimonial

Posted by: Jerome on June 1st, 2012

This is an audio testimonial of Raqeeba from South Africa who visited India for Liberation Treatment.



CCSVI Liberation or Zamboni procedure is a treatment for Multiple Sclerosis. It is not offered to all the multiple sclerosis patients. Only people who are identified to have clots in the veins of brain can be treated with the help of the Liberation Procedure. These clots or condition is known as stenosis or Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI). It was developed by Dr. Paolo Zamboni in Italy and is still in the trial phase in most countries.


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Hair Transplant Patient Story – Chandigarh, India

Posted by: Emily on March 4th, 2012

In this video a patient from UK shares his hair transplant story in India.



Following is the video narration.


” “Did out some search Lebanon Turkey, Thailand and India. It’s pretty much expensive in England and the level of care looked good and it was cheaper than UK so did research into the doctor as well before and I was happy about ….it’s been ok, the end result is yet to come. It’s not difficult to get here, it’s 2 flights and the cost is the major factor…one hundred percent…it’s going to work. Hopefully in six month’s time I will see results.


I am not coming here with an expectations of greatness but you know, anything more than….I will be happy with it….I did some research about the surgery, the doctor, I didn’t know about Chandigarh, again research on internet, find about where I am going, obviously,…hotel, doctor, dentistry as well. All in one go. So I am here for six days so I am getting everything done in six days which I am ….Getting here was fine. New Delhi has a direct flight to here. There were no taxis as the airport, that’s probably something that needs to be looked into. Eventually a taxi turned up and but the guardian didn’t speak in English but I had a card and eventually managed to get me to a hotel.


Chandigarh is interesting. It’s probably the best…It was quite easy to do, did a bit of research before you come in and  so far so good for me. I have come on my own. I haven’t come with my..Managed to find via the internet the hotel,…I was here, found the surgeon via recommendation actually from …the dentist I found online as well. It was quiet easy to do. People are not willing to go a bit further to do what I am doing.”


The hair transplant center is well equipped with the latest technology. The surgeon is highly skilled and the cost of the treatment is also much affordable than the western countries. These are the major draws for people across the globe to come down for hair transplant surgeries like FUE, FUT and beard transplant surgery in India.


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Patient Shares his Experience of Hip Resurfacing in India

Posted by: Jerome on June 18th, 2011

Robert B. Luckey of California opted for hip resurfacing in India, and has returned home happy and satisfied. He is all praise about the care provided to him by his case manager, who he describes as “helpful and professional.”   Hip Resurfacing in India - Patient


Although there were some issues with his payment, the case manager helped him sort them in a cheery and professional manner.


The doctor, he says, was “cool” and when they needed to reschedule the surgery, the staff in India was very helpful. Luckey remarks that the doctor is super competent, and probably one of the best surgeons on the planet handling these cases, and also praises his staff, labeling them “courteous and helpful.”


Luckey was impressed with the facility, and the services provided to him. The hospital was clean and had good food, he said. Luckey expressed a wish to spend more time with the doctors and paramedics in India, have a barbecue with them and indulge in some cricket sessions. However, he notes they are too busy.


Luckey has managed to have a good recovery, and credits the doctors and the nurses for their skills and care.


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Liberation Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis in India – Testimonial

Posted by: Emily on April 18th, 2011

Yara Senno from Canada got Liberation Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis in India.  Patient who underwent Liberation Treatment in India


Yara Senno is originally Lebanese, but living in Canada from the past three years.  She had been living with multiple sclerosis for nine years, and tried natural ways like diet, to combat the disease. Looking for a non-medicinal solution, Senno came to know about the liberation procedure.


Since the procedure is not yet available in Canada, she had to look for places.


Senno opted to get liberation treatment for multiple sclerosis in India and was amazed by the services offered to her. The surgeons conducted several tests and always explained her about everything.


A nurse by profession, Senno says she could always tell if the stuff they told her actually made any sense. She felt confident with whatever they were doing, and was impressed with the doctors, who knew their stuff well.


Since she was following a set diet, Senno had a lot of restrictions about what she could eat. Her food requirements were kept in mind, and the dietician consulted her personally to ensure they give her the right food.


Yara is very impressed with the services, which she says were beyond her expectations.


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