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Spine Surgery in India – Chandigarh

The video shows a top spine surgeon sharing information on overseas patients getting spine surgery in India. Hundreds of medical tourists visit this surgeon every year for affordable chronic back pain treatment in India. And as they discover, India is not just about low cost, it is also about excellent tourism opportunities.

With the fast growth of the medical tourism industry, India abounds with state-of-the-art hospitals and clinics offering quality medical services at a fraction of the American prices. Besides, India boasts of a large pool of US-returned doctors and surgeons. One can choose from a number of board certified spinal surgeons in India.

Narration – “I have been getting patients outside India from Bangladesh, from Sri Lanka and mostly NRIs, Indians settled abroad, they usually visit me for endoscopic spine surgery and knee arthroscopic procedures.

We do approximately about 50-60 procedures, endoscopic and arthroscopic procedures in a month. And number goes up to approximately 500-600 in a year.”

Such high number of surgeries add to the experience and competence levels of the leading spine surgeons in India. Overseas patients, beset by the exorbitant cost of spine surgery in their home countries, can save a fortune if they choose India as their medical tourism destination. Most of all, they can be sure of quality, as simple math reveals, conducting six hundred surgeries a year decks up into substantial experience. Spine surgery in India could be your easy-on-the-pocket redeemer from debilitating back problems. It is one option to consider if self-financing your treatment in your home country is beyond your economic means.


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