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Surgery in India is significantly low-priced as compared to the west, and services of Indian healthcare facilities are especially beneficial for those who do not have access to cutting edge treatments facilities, high quality hospitals and doctors in their country.

Even those who have some insurance are not always shielded from the brutality of heavy medical bills, as insurance companies are sometimes tight-fisted about sponsoring the patients’ medical needs, and many do not cover procedures like bariatric surgery, cosmetic requirements, or dental therapies.

The growth of medical tourism in India has reinforced the country’s healthcare system, allowing better facilities for foreign nationals who come to seek freedom from their medical woes.

Doctors in India undergo extensive training before they land up in a reputed institute. Also, Indian doctors tend to be more experienced as they deal with a larger numbers of patients on average.

The top-notch hospitals in India boast of impressive lists of doctors specialized in different branches of medicine, and state-of-the-art infrastructure that rivals the best in the world.

Medical treatment in India is available without any waiting lines, which is another big draw for overseas patients.




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Besides the attractive medical packages in India, the chance to explore the rich culture, natural beauty, and vivid landscapes of this gorgeous Asian country draws many medical tourists here.

Those unable to shed weight by conventional methods, and seeking weight loss surgery, may be disappointed by the prices of lap band or gastric bypass in the West. Bariatric Surgery in India can be of help to such individuals, who want to get back in shape but are hindered by doctors' big bills.

Stem Cell treatments in India are picking popularity as the country gets more into research, and offers advanced treatments against a variety of ailments.

Orthopaedics here is another popular branch of medicine, as many westerners come to get hip and knee surgery in India. Also, spine surgery in India is a boon for medical tourists looking to get rid of back problems, without being hit by the massive medical bills.

Ease and affordability of medical treatments here, also allows foreign patients to get optional treatments like plastic/cosmetic surgery and face lift in India.

Even small issues like cataract, low vision and other eye problems, may fabricate huge bills from your local doctors. Eye surgery in India is performed by qualified ophthalmologists, and is far more affordable than the West.

The cancer-stricken, who cannot afford to bear the high cost of combating this deadly disease, are turning towards oncology in India.

Medical therapies for stomach and bowel diseases and urosurgery are frequently performed by expert surgeons.

Be it any small procedure like eye/ear treatments or major medical procedures like organ transplants and heart surgery, India is a favoured destination for all kinds of medical treatments that are within your means.

Surrogacy in India also remains immensely popular not only because of the low costs and easy availability of surrogates, but also because of the relaxed laws, which make the whole procedure very convenient for the intending parents.

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